2018 Gift Guide


I was recently walking around Home Goods coming across the most absurd Christmas decorations and gifts (see photo). I though to myself “Hey maybe you should make a gift guide and spotlight your favorite stuff as well as a couple handmade items” So here it is. Based on your reaction to it, it could be a new tradition. Please let me know if you have any questions about the items!


Room Vibes:

Its almost like a snapshot into my bedroom with this one. These items are all great for bedroom or living room spaces to give it a relaxed natural warm feel. Add a cheap candle or 5 and you’ve got yourself a great vibe.

home decordone.jpg

1. Mini Wood Planters / Minimum Design

2. Brass Frames / World Market

3. Eye Mirror / At Home

4. Serving Board / At Home

5. Wood Ledge / World Market

6. Gold Lined Lamp Shade / At Home

7. Leather Pillows/ Amazon

8. Wood Full Length Mirror / Target

9. Joshua Tree Canvas / Lupine & Lead

10. Ceramic Lamp / At Home

11. Opal House End Table / Target

12. Opal House Velvet Pillow / Target

Green Thumb:

For those that have an exterior and interior garden. These are some of my favorite finds on the internet. If you don’t already follow Floret on Instagram you should just to see the incredible stuff Erin is doing out in Washington.

1. Brass Triangle Hanger / World Market

2. Ring Plant Hanger / World Market

3. Air Plants / Amazon

4. Gold Watering Can / Target

5. Cut Flower Garden / Amazon

6. Ceramic Planter / World Market

7. Brown Vase / H&M

Boss Things:

This is my second favorite grouping of items. For those that need to get organized and boss up their office space this stuff is bound to make you want to conquer the world!

Side note, my coffee warmer has changed my life in a big way. You don’t think you need it until you have it and it becomes your best office pal!!!


6. Palomino Black Pencils / Poketo

7. Monogramed Mug / Target

8. Think Of Something / Oxford Pennant

9. Creative Career Path / Andy Pizza

10. Coffee Warmer / Amazon

1. Calendar / Office Depot

2. Closest Snake Pennant / Oxford Pennant

3. Moon Mouse Pad / Amazon

4. Hustle Ring / Snash Jewelry

5. Leather Wall Pockets / CB2

Cozy Christmas Coziness

I love all of these items so much, I want to crawl into this photo and get all warm and cozy! You’re probably thinking “Kaylee how many monogrammed mugs do you think I need?” the answer is all of them.

Also I asked for that adorable stinkin rainbow ornament for christmas FINGERS CROSSED!

9. Star Ornaments / Target

10. Deco Bowl / H & M

11. French Press Ornament / World Market

12. Moroccan Tree Skirt / World Market

13. Wool Blend Storage Basket / H & M

14. Macrame Ornament / Hippies Nest

15. Deer Ornament / Target

16. Star Lantern / World Market

1. Monogramed Mug / Anthropologie

2. Advent Calendar / Target

3. Rainbow Ornament / Michael’s

4. Wooden Garland / Target

5. Avo Toast Ornament / Urban Outfitters

6. Pine Print / Dia Modern Design

7. Faux Fur Throw / H & M

8. Star Pillow / H & M

90’s Dream

Sooooo the 90’s are back and I can’t say I’m super upset about it (other than that awful line of girls clothes at Target no thanks)

I am overjoyed that Caboodles are making a comeback and 2 of my favorite artists just so happen to make the most amazing Jurassic Park art. I will give a free mini session to the person that buys me that T-Rex “Hammonds Revenge” poster.

5. Kaleidoscope Glasses / Amazon

6. Ian Malcom Magnet / Castle McQuade

7. Hammonds Revenge Print / Paul Jackson

1. Disco Ball / Amazon

2. Leopard Pillow / World Market

3. Caboodles / Target

4. Rainbow Glass / At Home

Thanks for checking out my first annual gift guide! I hope it guides you to great gifts for the ones you love and also probably yourself!


Kaylee Choate