About Lupine & Lead

Lupine & Lead is a creative venture specializing in portrait Photography, Interior Design, illustration and sign making. owned and operated by me, Kaylee Choate.  

I have been solving creative conundrums since i can remember. i was that kid that rearranged her room everyday and got hollered at for doodling in class.   

I have been photographing professionally since 2005 (last of the film crew.)  I have a degree in graphic design and I have worked in numerous creative positions over the course of 10+ years. 

I am so happy to have an opportunity to own my own business and thankful for the amazing life and family that God has blessed me with.

Back story...

Growing up i used to think my creativity was a curse. why wasn't i just made to be good at math or some other marketable skill? i loved creating but when it came time to go to college i had no idea how i could ever do what felt natural to me. after years of freelance work and random jobs  i realized that the world truly does need creativity. personally i realized the world could benefit from my creativity. with that in mind and a mom that saw it before i did, i quit my job and started lupine & lead. 

What the heck does your name mean?

I went for the personal seemingly cryptic business name... if you know me you know i love flowers... a lot, so i knew i wanted to incorporate that. i read a book as a child that inspired my love for travel and flowers. the book is "miss rumphius" you should buy it for every kid you know, specifically young girls. in it the girl grows up to be a woman and remembers the words her grandpa told her "after you travel the world and grow old make sure you leave the world a more beautiful place" so she decides to drop lupine seeds all across the countryside and she becomes known as "the lupine lady". i'm sure as a kid i just loved the flower part but as an adult i love the idea of leaving the world a better more beautiful place. 

the lead part is representative of a pencil, as a reminder that it all starts with sketching. i know our world is all digital but as an old school creative i have to start with pencil to paper. 

How can I help?

is it time to update your 90's family photos? 90's living room? 90's logo? this is what i do. have you gone on one too many target runs and don't know what to do with all your amazing finds? i help with that too.

i love what i do and make sure i have fun doing it. if you are interested in talking about some creative conundrums you've found yourself in drop me a line! Let's start solving!